John Seely Brown on entrepreneurial learners

This talk from John Seely Brown is 3 years old now but still much food for thought. Seely Brown’s book on ‘The New Lanscape of Learning‘ (co-authored with Douglas Thomas) is one that I suggest to my SSC students to read and review and it always gets a posiitve response.  However the students that present this book always highlight that the curriuclum doesn’t particularly embrace these new landscapes of learning and they question whether we are preparing the for the change they will constantly face when they graduate.  So after some quick reflection I’m left thinking are we helping to prepare our students to develop their participatory learning skills along with their self-directed and self-regulated learning skills.  With the growing trend of viewing students as consumers and spoon feeding is it time for us to start innovating more in our teaching and to become entrepreneurial teachers if we want entrepreneurial learners?

Learning by doing

I came across this video of JP Rangaswami on his blog, Confused of  Calcutta, where he was Musing about learning by doing.

I like what he says about enlightened teachers not getting upset by students referring to Wikipedia for the their homework, but rather telling students their task is to write a wikipedia article. I’ve discussed this on another blog I have over at Dundee e-Med Ed and posed the question whether we should be encouraging our students to edit out the inaccuracies on Wikipedia. Anne Marie Cunningham also blogged about Information Literacy sabotage and how a tutor wasn’t very happy when a student edited and corrected a Wikipedia page.

The other key things that stood out were that learning is about asking questions rather than answering them.  If we’re still asking questions then we’re still learning, we mustn’t stifle our desire to learn.  He also highlights the importance of sharing and feedback, the latter being an area where the student satisfaction surveys indicate we need to  improve.