Healthcare education TEL Hack – Leeds 7-8 March #hetelhack

Technology enhanced learning (TEL) is playing a growing role across the continuum of healthcare professions education supporting both formal and informal learning.  Virtual learning environments, e-portfolios, e-assessment, online learning and apps are all features of the TEL landscape.  Social media is also supporting learning conversations via hashtags like #FOAMed, #ecgclass, #wenurses etc and hosting videos and podcasts on blogs and YouTube.  There’s lots to like in the world of TEL in healthcare professions education but there are also frustrations.  Frustrations about the clunkiness of institutional learning tools, the barriers to accessing resources from within an NHS setting, the lack of the right sort of apps to support mobile learning.  Alongside these problems there are also lots of ideas of how to  improve things and make things better together with dreams of how to present and develop content in new more imaginative and effective ways. But these ideas can sometimes lead to additional frustration as indviduals aren’t sure how to turn their ideas into a reality.  To help address this NHS Health Education England and the Higher Education Academy are teaming up to run a healthcare professions education hack day – #hetelhack – in Leeds on 7-8 March.

#hetelhack is hoping to build on the success of NHS Hack Days, which have attracted individuals from across the healthcare professions together with patients and developers and coders.  The most recent NHS Hack Day in Cardiff is a great example of the creativity and innovation that happens at these events.

Workshops at ASME and AMEE last year highlighted that many of us involved in healthcare professions education face similar issues.  Som eof the things that educators and students alike are looking for include

  • that elusive intuitively designed e-portfolio solution
  • how we might be able to use technology to make topics like ethics more interesting and engaging
  • a learning repository that looks more like youtube or slideshare
  • how we can use tehnology to support the role that patients can play in healthcare professions education
  • how we might use immersive environments and virtual reality to support developing skills in team working and situational judgement/awareness to help improve patient safety
  • ways to effectively use 3D printing to support learning
  • an application that supports collaborative learning
  • a content authoring app you can quickly and easily use to author and create a short piece of learning that outputs as HTML5

#hetelhack provides an opportunity for individuals to come together and work together over a weekend with coders and designers to solve some of the problems we face or to explore a new idea and be creative.  This is the first NHS focussed hack event which has a focus on education and one of the hopes is that we can start to build a network which can also take the ideas that emerge from the hack and collaborate to see them developed further.

There’s been a lot of interest in the #hetelhack but there are still spaces for developers, coders and designers so if you’re free that weekend come along to Leeds.

For more info on #hetelhack and to sign up visist the NHS HEE webiste.