Improving my memory

This week I started a 6-week staff development course on Teaching & Learning Online.  It’s been quite interesting so far and I’m quite enjoying being a student again for a few weeks.  In this first week there are a series of activities for us to engage with, comment on and reflect on in our personal blogs.  It’s been good to have some time to reflect.  One of the things I’ve realised is that I should bookmark more to Diigo and Delicious.  I keep thinking of blog posts that I’ve seen which I now want to read again because they relate to the issues I’m now wanting to think about and reflect on.  Typically these are blog posts and articles that I’ve half scanned and which have half engaged me but I didn’t bookmark because they weren’t of that much interest to me at the time.  Perhaps I need to rethink my practice here and start saving things which might  potentially be useful or relevant to me a few weeks or months further down the line.

There is a bit of a buzz around Posterous at the moment and maybe should start using it to record some of my reflections when I’m reading things  and pull in video clips and images etc.   I’m interested to know how others are finding it or whether there is anything else I should consider trying out.