Damian Roland on #NHSChangeDay

bannerEarlier today I had the privilege of chatting to Damian Roland, NIHR Doctoral Research Fellow in Paediatric Emergency Medicine at Leicester University, about NHS Change Day.  Damian is one of the key individuals who has driven forward the NHS Change Day initiative and he kindly agreed to share how the idea emerged and give some examples of pledges and tips on running events to help us at the University of Dundee as we get going with our plans to get involved in this year’s Change Day on 3 March.

We recorded our conversation in a Google Hangout but my video stream was completely out of sync and Damian’s was a bit out in places too resulting in a video that’s a bit strange so I’m posting the audio track of our conversation.

We chatted for about 12 minutes so it’s not too long to listen to.  Damian is really inspiring and I hope some of that inspiration rubs off as you hear him and we can get the word about Change Day locally in Tayside but also across the rest of Scotland.

To keep up with NHS Change Day in Scotland join our Google+ Community and follow @NHSCDScotland on Twitter.


  1. Natalie – what a fantastic idea!
    Would you be able to create a wee summary of change day that I could take into the postgrad arena. Happy to meet up to see how we could make this work in Dundee / Scotland

    1. Hi Rod, will do. We’re having an open meeting in Dundee next week, will email you the details. Would be great to get the postgraduate community involved.

  2. Hi Natalie would you also share with me to take into the post grad arena, I manage leadership and change modules for NHS staff
    Many thanks

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