Doctors role modelling professionalism

Research on lapses in professionalism by senior healthcare professionals led by one of my Dundee colleagues Professor Charlotte Rees and Dr Lynne Monrouxe from Cardiff Medical School has made the news headlines today including on the BBC.

The research explored the professionalism dilemmas experienced by healthcare students from across five countries – England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Australia – and collected over 2,000 anonymous stories of professionalism lapses from more than 4,000 student participants.

There were a number of tweets highlighting that the piece on the BBC website didn’t link to the publications from this research, so for those interested in reading more about this work here are links to the publications to date.

Narrative, emotion and action: analysing ‘most memorable’ professionalism dilemmas

‘‘It’s just a clash of cultures’’: emotional talk within medical students’ narratives of professionalism dilemmas.

Medical students learning intimate examinations without valid consent: a multicentre study

“A Morning Since Eight of Just Pure Grill”: A Multischool Qualitative Study of Student Abuse

Further publications from Charlotte and Lynn’s research are in press and under review.

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