Posterous users flock to WordPress: Technology shelf life

shelf life — after by theogeo, on Flickr
Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License  by  theogeo 

So WordPress saw a 250% increase in imports from Posterous within 24 hours of the announcement that it had been acquired by Twitter.  Only 18 months ago, in August 2010, Posterous was announcing that WordPress was a dying platform.  It was quite aggressively encouraging bloggers to use its import tool to move over to Posterous and I blogged about this at the time.  Now Posterous users are worried it’s going to die because it’s been bought over by Twitter.

It seems so many tools that get widely adopted seem to have a short shelf life.  I never did get into Friendfeed, but once it was taken over by Facebook, further development stopped and those that liked using it became concerned about its long term viability and started to look for alternatives.  I took a look at Amplify and that’s another service that recently without warning very suddenly closed down.  Amplify users have been directed to Clipboard but they’ve lost access to their content and there’s no guarantee that their content will be migrated over at a future date.

There was a significant cafuffle when it was announced that Yahoo was closing down Delicious, people migrated to  Diigo, Zootool, Pinboard and others.  I felt quite smug at the time because I saved my bookmarks to Diigo and had them autoposting to Delicious, so I had a back-up already.  Then Delicious was bought over and relaunched and users weren’t happy with the new look and feel.

More recently I’ve been using to curate content, sometime I make use of the autoposting function and cross post to Tumblr so a few things are backed up there but not everything.  Google+ and Pinterest are also new flavours of the month.  I’ve resisted Pinterest but am trying to give Google+ a go.

Sometimes I think I dip in and out of too many tools.  But as Alan Cann always wisely reminds us it’s about building networks not destinations.  So if one of the tools or platforms I use closes down I can still connect with people.  That’s good but if I lose my content that’s still a big deal.  Sometimes it seems like we have to constantly keep our ears to the ground to make sure we don’t get caught out by one of our favourite tools dying overnight or being bought over by a bigger fish in the sea and then killed off.  This is exactly what Posterous users are worried about, the concern being Twitter has bought it for the talent that developed Posterous rather than the platform itself.

It’s a pity technology doesn’t come with a best before date stamped on it.


  1. To be fair, delicious has recovered from the rough start, although to me, the new “features” still equate to loss of usability.
    I feel there’s a lot more retrenchment of services to come ov the next yea or so. Back up that data!

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