Exporting Kindle book clippings to Evernote

Kindle and EvernoteI’ve been using my Kindle for reading PDFs of papers and it’s been very handy being able to harvest clippings from these via the text file these aggregate in to support various documents I’ve had to write.  Most of the books I’ve read on the Kindle have been fiction, but more recently I’ve been buying Kindle versions of some academic books. I’ve preferred reading these on the Kindle app on my iPad as I find it’s much easier to highlight and take notes on the iPad than on the Kindle.  The other day I was wanting to reflect and make some notes around some of the highlights I’d made in a book in Evernote and tried to see if I could export my highlights.  I was a bit disappointed and frustrated to not see an obvious way to do this.  I could see all my highlights and notes but couldn’t see a way to copy them or export them.

Searching on Google highlighted that one way to capture your highlights is to log into your Kindle account select the book in your library, which takes you to a page where you can see your highlights and notes and then clip these to Evernote.  This is ok but it doesn’t extract all of the text in your highlights.  So some progress but not completely what I was looking for.  A bit more searching and I came across this post by the Savvy Technologist about NoteScraper, an Apple Script he’s written to run in Safari which extracts your highlights and notes in full and exports them directly into Evernote.

You can download Note Scraper on the Savvy Technologist software page.  It’s easy to install and works a treat on the Mac OS and supports exporting your highlights individually into separate notes or all of them into one note.  Another problem solved and another way to incoporate Evernote in my workflow.


  1. Great post. Exporting notes and highlights is a common problem.

    Android users have it easy with the Buzzworthy app which lets you export your notes and highlights to email or Evernote.

    It also enables social sharing of favorite highlights to facebook, Google+ or twitter.

  2. I had the same goal. However, I wanted each note in kindle as a separate note in Evernote. I found a program online (Klippings, not to be confused with Klippings Kollector) that did almost everything I needed but had tons of bugs and needed some extra features. Fortunately, the code was open source so I was able to make some singificant upgrades and have packaged it into a Windows installer (OSX and Linux not yet available).

    You can read the thread here:


  3. Hi Natalie,

    I was browsing and happened to stumble upon your article. It’s a great article by the way, really useful. It can be helpful most of the time to put some notes in a passage or several passages that you’ve highlighted in your Kindle. It’s too bad though that Amazon hasn’t made it easier or available for users to do this.

    An iOS app that will be released this November 2013 can change that however. The app is called Snippefy (www.snippefy.com) and it will change how Kindle users read and access their notes and highlights simply all in one place. There is even a feature that will easily export notes and highlights to Evernote and Dropbox to name a few.

    I thought I would share this with you as I think you would find it very useful as you can now easily export your highlights to Evernote with ease. I hope your readers can find it helpful too.

    Thank you


        1. Hi Nathan, thanks for the update. I can’t seem to access looks it’s only available in the US store. Are there plans to make Snippefy available in the UK store and amazon.co.uk accounts?

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