Learning by doing

I came across this video of JP Rangaswami on his blog, Confused of  Calcutta, where he was Musing about learning by doing.

I like what he says about enlightened teachers not getting upset by students referring to Wikipedia for the their homework, but rather telling students their task is to write a wikipedia article. I’ve discussed this on another blog I have over at Dundee e-Med Ed and posed the question whether we should be encouraging our students to edit out the inaccuracies on Wikipedia. Anne Marie Cunningham also blogged about Information Literacy sabotage and how a tutor wasn’t very happy when a student edited and corrected a Wikipedia page.

The other key things that stood out were that learning is about asking questions rather than answering them.  If we’re still asking questions then we’re still learning, we mustn’t stifle our desire to learn.  He also highlights the importance of sharing and feedback, the latter being an area where the student satisfaction surveys indicate we need to  improve.


  1. I’ve blogged elsewhere about my personal frustrations with students remaining mute in learning opportunities. If have mused:

    “Image adding up all the time when there has been silence in a learning opportunity. Every time a teacher asks a question to a group, and there is navel gazing quiet; every ward round that includes a corridor walk, but no-one raises a query about the last selection of patients; every time there’s the explicit time given to ‘ask any questions’, an no-one steps up. Add up all that time: how much could you have learnt in that time, if you’d just asked a question?”

    Sage, or the mindless ramblings of a crazy person. Not sure, but I do know this – I’m not known for maintaining silence, and I think it’s served me well enough so far.

  2. I don’t think you’re crazy. I agree, I’m always asking questions, it’s the way to learn and keep learning. Are students today too embarrassed to ask questions that might seem stupid? I don’t know. How do we get them to ask questions and make the most of the learning opportunities that they get?

  3. Glad you liked the post. Anyone who likes lime, chillies and education is all right in my book. Let me know if I can ever be of help. All the best JP

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