Medicine for students as and when required!

Today saw the culmination of 4 months of hard work by about 10 of our 2nd year medical students with the launch of a new website DundeePRN Medicine for students as and when required.  I blogged back in September about blogging doctors and how a colleague in respiratory medicine had set up DundeeChest to support the teaching in the respiratory system block.  After an initial mixed response to DundeeChest (one student said – what blog?) by the end of the 4 week teaching block 98% of the year thought that all of the teaching blocks should be supported by a blog.  There has been interest from other systems and several other blogs have started up, and Friday will see the latest in the emerging Dundee Blogging Network, DundeeBones.

Early in the chest block DundeeChest asked whether any students were interested in getting involved in the blog, podcasting and e-learning developments generally.  About 10 students registered an interest and with the support and encouragement of DundeeChest, DundeePRN was born.  The students involved aren’t all techie types, but they do have a technical whizz among their ranks who’s built the site.  As a group they’ve shown real commitment and started to develop a resource, which whilst it’s primary focus is medicine at Dundee could become a useful resource for medical students elsewhere.  Many of the pages are public, but some can only be viewed by registered users, but anyone can register for an account.  The students have been posting links to BMJ articles, commeting on medical news, developing revision resources and providing a comprehensive overview of the teaching hospital and the learning opportunities available in clinics and on the wards.

DundeePRN was launched to our 2nd year students today and 73 new users have signed up since lunchtime.  Over the coming weeks the PNRers will spread the word to the 3rd and 1st year students and then the 4th and 5th years. They’re also hoping that more of the local clinical teaching staff will get inolved to help verify the content and also provide other input. It’s been great to watch DundeePRN develop over the past few months and see a group of students develop their own learning space.  Exciting times!!


  1. Don’t you girls ever sleep???

    I”m going to have a busy time over the next few weeks making sure everything stays in check, but it’s very exciting.

  2. Its all really exciting. How feasible do you think it would be for one of the ten ( I’d happily volunteer ) to contact teaching staff and invite them to look at the site, detailing what we’ve done, and why we have done it?

  3. Laura, I agree it’s a good idea – I think it’s important to “make contacts” first, find the “Dr Keen”s from the other systems, and invite them personally, so they’re really on board, and contribute – so they don’t see it as yet another email/commitment/website. Like Laura, I’m also happy to do the work. Exciting times!

  4. Joel, I’ll draft something then send it to you and you can change things/add a little bit? Does that sound ok? Joint effort, and less work for both of us.

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