Using the iPod touch with 8 year old school children

In my last post I commented on how the statement in the the latest ‘Did you know’ video that the mobile device would be the primary means of connection with the internet in 2020, stuck out to me.  This morning I came across this link to a blog post on  the Learn 4 Life site via the CCK09 group on Diigo about what happens you give iPod touches to each pupil in a class of 8 year olds.

Each of the children in this Junior School class was given an iPod touch and could connect to the school’s wireless network.  Here’s the video which shares reflections on how it’s all going from teachers and pupils.


  1. Great! Really like this. Why can’t we hear more about stories like this rather than “Tech addiction ‘harms learning'”?

    So should we be giving ipod touches to all medical students… and making sure that there are accessible wi-fi networks in the hospitals!


  2. Absolutely – I think we should there are a couple of schools in the US that are doing exactly that.

    Don’t know if anyone is doing anything in the UK, not sure if Leicester have done something in Life Sciences will need to take a look.

  3. It’s great to see how naturally those kids use the iPod Touch.

    My students (medicine) often pull out an iPhone to show me things. Swansea Uni has been excellent at supporting the iPhone & iPod Touch for wifi network access.

  4. I’m curious about assessment of the children’s learning. Have you used the iPod Touch to assess their learning or has it only been used for learning in place of computer technologies and library research? In other words, can you gather data from the students’ use of the iPod Touch that helps in assessing learning, or have you found/developed apps for teachers’ use?

    1. Hi Chris – thanks for your comment. I wasn’t involved in this project and embedded the video in my blog after first seeing it on the Learn 4 Life blog at, so I’m not sure if they assessed the children’s learning in this project. You might want to be in touch with the author of the original post via the Learn 4 Life blog – you can find their contact details on the ‘contact’ tab. I have heard that others are developing assessment apps for the iPod touch, if I come across anything specific in relation to this I’ll forward it on to you.

    2. Not sure if this helps, but Panacea on a Wired discussion forum says, “The CC [Community College] where I teach nursing piloted giving iPods to students a few years ago, with the idea of using iTunes U. […] Grades have been steadily improving over the last 3 years since I’ve moved to iTunes U. Retention has improved 15%.”

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