Blogging Doctors

The doctor got a computer today. Is it to keep your medical records or to check his MySpace? Who knows!

I’ve been in my new post for almost 10 months and it’s been an interesting time.  I’ve been working with several clinicians who have been developing virtual patient cases around some of the core clinical problems which form a key part of our undergraduate curriculum.  We’ve also been looking at other areas where the application of technology can help to enhance teaching and learning and developing new online teaching resources to support the face to face teaching.

Another development has been the interest in using blogs to support teaching.  My colleagues in respiratory medicine were the first to show interest and over the summer set up DundeeChest.  Over the summer the principal lead on this has been posting useful links and summaries of interesting bits of research from respiratory related journals etc.  We’ve started to show Dundee Chest to others in the Medical School and it seems to have sparked off quite a bit of interest and we now have others wanting to start their own blogs to support their system or theme running through the curriculum.  Colleagues in psychiatry were the first to follow the pioneering Chest team, followed by our GPs and cardiovascular physicians.  I’m not sharing the links to these sites yet as they aren’t yet up and running but will hopefully remember to come back and update this post with links to DundeePsych, DundeeGP and DundeeHeart.  Also in the offing is DundeeBones together with The Plexus which will look at hot topics in medical ethics and will have students involved contributing posts.  I’ve also set up Dundee e-MedEd to share ideas and news about online learning and Web 2.0 with my colleagues.  As I mentioned in my last post there are doctors who are interested in Web 2.0 and how technology can generally support teaching and learning but they have identified that they need support and staff development in these areas.  This new blog will hopefully begin to address some of their questions and share what else is going on in e-learning.
The next step will be to see what the students think of these blogs.  My DundeeChest colleagues will be using their blog to follow-up questions which come up in lectures and from Adobe Connect drop-in sessions which they are hoping to run.  It will be interesting to see if the students find these new blogs a better way to support the teaching than the discussion boards in the VLE.
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Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic License by  j.reed


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