Twitter bug

I set up a Twitter account back in March after seeing it featured on the BBCs technology programme Click.  Having created an account I couldn’t really see the point of it and didn’t look at Twitter again for several months.  I’ve dipped into it from time to time since then over the past few months and still been left thinking what’s all the fuss about.  I’ve not been alone in feeling this way but recently I’ve noticed that a number of Twitter sceptics have now got the Twitter bug.  I’m reading an increasing number of blog posts which say that individuals now see the benefits of using Twitter. What’s also been interesting is to read more about the use of Twitter in Higher Education and some of the benefits it can bring.

I started twittering today and will see how this develops.  It will be interesting to see how Twitter helps me connect with people with similar interests in the application of e-learning in medical education.  I’m also keen to find out more about how Twitter is being used in Higher Education and whether it’s being used by anyone as a tool to support student reflection.


  1. I have to say that it took me 6-12 months to see how Twitter works. Now I find it an invaluable tool for keeping in touch with people, sending and receiving information and being hooked into spontaneous events. Its also a thing that helps you see the fun side of people.

  2. I couldn’t agree more about the Twitter thing ive been on for about 2 months but I think its quite a simple place to get a bit of a profile and also come up with some sensible people who may not previously have been too web savvy!

    Like moi!

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