Social Bookmarking – Making connections

My last post looked at Diigo and how this allowed you not just to bookmark sites like Delicious does, but also lets you highlight sections of a webpage and add sticky note annotations.  The other advantage it has over Delicious is that it allows you to create groups, these can be public or private and support discussion threads.  You can also apply for an education account, these are premium accounts which are only available to K-12 and & higher education educators and allow teachers to create a private group to share bookmarks with a class/group of students.

Anne Marie Cunningham was reflecting in her blog that social bookmarking with Delicious wasn’t quite social enough for her.  Whilst she was coming across people who were tagging the same sites she was finding it was difficult to connect or network with these individuals.  Following several comments that others and myself made to Anne Marie’s post and a conversation with her via email and Twitter we’ve set up a new group in Diigo to share our medical education bookmarks and hopefully help make connections.

We hope that others will come and join Medical Education on Diigo and share their bookmarks, ideas and best practice and get connected with others working in medical/health professions education.


  1. Deirdre I agree about the usefulness of the tagcloud in Delicious. Thanks for link to your active learning carnival blog I will take a look at this.

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