Diigo – Highlighting and sharing the web

I’ve been using Delicious for sometime to manage my internet bookmarks.  Delicious is a useful social bookmarking tool, you create an account and start to bookmark websites and add tags which help you to manage your bookmarks and help you find them again relatively easily.  As this is a web-based application you can access your bookmarks from any PC/Mac with an internet connection.

Today I came across another social bookmarking site, Diigo, which not only allows you to bookmark webpages but to highlight sections of the page, add sticky notes and share these sites with others that you are working with.  You can also search other peoples’ lists and also convert a list into a slideshow which you can then embed in a blog or other webpage etc. There are several blogs and educational social networks which are getting quite excited about how Diigo can be used to support learning and research groups.

Check out this YouTube video which gives an overview of social bookmarking and how you can highlight and share the web using Diigo.


  1. Gosh, there I am getting used to Delicious and along comes this. Thank you very much for flagging it up. The clip is great and I am glad that I can import from delicious.
    Which educataional social networks are you talking about?

  2. Anne Marie there seem to be so many tools out there the problem is keeping track of them. I came across Diigo by following links from one blog to another starting with Stephen Downes daily email (http://www.downes.ca/news/OLDaily.htm). The networks talking about this were the Work Literacy Ning which I think you may have looked at before (http://workliteracy.ning.com/), there is a discussion about it in the forum. Also when I came across Diigo yesterday I found another Ning Group Classroom 2.0 (http://www.classroom20.com) which had a discussion thread about it. This group’s focus is more on school teachers, but unlike some of the educational networks there does seem to be some active discussion on the go. Like you I’ve still to find a medical education network that’s really taken off. We will just need to keep at it.

  3. Hello Anne Marie and Natalie

    So glad to have found you two – looks like we’re working through the same issues in different but related health professions. I haven’t found a health education network that suits me yet either – all my networking seems to be with school teachers and tertiary educators in other fields. But I have to say that I am learning heaps, and finding huge benefit to talking to people outside midwifery. So, hope to keep in touch with you guys.

  4. Sarah, interesting to hear that you haven’t come across a health professions education network either. As you say though there is lots that you can pick up from some of the more generic e-learning networks and blogs. It’s good to have come across your blog via Anne Marie and I look forward to keeping in touch.

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