Getting started!

I’ve just come to the end of my first week in my new post of Lecturer (e-Learning) at the Medical School at  Dundee.  As with most new jobs the first week has been spent getting to know people and arranging meetings to introduce myself to individuals.  As I meet my new colleagues the key things I’m keen to find out about are how have they been using e-learning to support their teaching and student learning and how they would like to see it used.  It’s already clear that some of the areas that e-learning could be usefully applied in include in the basic sciences and the further development of the integrated teaching resources.

One of the interesting things that I’ve seen this week is a wiki being developed by students as part of an anatomy SSC.  The feedback from students involved in this has been positive and enthusiastic.  One of the issues which has surfaced in putting this wiki together has been the issue of finding copyright free images which can be used both by students and teachers to develop content.  This has highlighted the need to start to raise awareness of some of the repositories and on-line catalogues where teachers can access content which is copyright free or made available under a Creative Commons licence.

To help connect and share ideas with colleagues and others involved in medical education I’ve started this blog – e-LiME.  I’m looking forward to getting connected.


  1. Thanks Sarah. There is some interest here in multiprofessional learning, I haven’t looked into this yet in the blogosphere. I’d be interested to know if you’ve come across anything here or whether you have had any involvement in on-line multiprofessional training.

  2. Your system rejected my attempt to sent some examples of wikis. Very strange! Wikis are used at my medical school for inter/intra university research projects, committees (minutes, agendas, current project updates), post workshop resources, conference presentations and student projects.

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